Wednesday, November 10, 2010

GLEE Season 2 'Never Been Kissed' Recap

It�s going to be rather difficult for me to not spend the majority of this Gleecap gushing about how awesome Darren Criss is. But if you�ve been a fan of him like I have you�ll understand. Otherwise, I guarantee you�ll discover that tonight.

Puck is back! And he grew a mohawk while he was gone. He wants to use Artie as his community service because actually doing any work isn�t an option. They hang out and perform impromptu duets in the courtyard for cash. I was pleasantly surprised at how great this was. I missed me some Artie. They busk with One Love/People Get Ready and make enough to go on a double date with Brittany and Santana. Puck gives Artie some dating advice to help him win Brittany and in the process shares how to be a badass. I facepalmed when Brittany was rubbing Artie�s leg and asked why he didn�t react.

Sam and Finn are bonding over their lack of sex lives. Rachel and Quinn are obvious monsters for not putting out and the only way they can deal with it is a bit odd. Sam settles on picturing Coach Beiste in her underwear and word gets out. Before you know it even Tina is resorting to that method of protection. To kick off the theme of bullying tonight, Coach�s feelings are obviously hurt when she finds out. To Sue�s delight, she decides to quit. Will is outraged that she feels this way and has a heart to heart with her about what a wonderful person she is. She opens up to him about having never been kissed and Will helps her out on that one. Coach Beiste stays!

The assignment from Will this week is another Girls vs Boys competition. The boys do a mashup of Stop In The Name Of Love and Free Your Mind. The girls break out the leather and Bon Jovi and perform Living On A Prayer with Start Me Up. In my opinion, the girls are the clear winner here. But that�s not what�s important. This is Kurt�s story. The stress from his dad, the constant bullying and not feeling challenged or accepted at Mckinley has brought him to a breaking point. He goes to check out the competition for Sectionals: an all boys private school where the Acapella glee club over there is popular and the main event. And rightfully so.

And here we meet Mr. Darren Criss. Or as he�s called on the show, Blaine. He�s got a spiffy new haircut! He meets Kurt right away and takes him to see The Warblers perform Teenage Dream. And they are AMAZING. Seriously guys that is how it�s done. Part of me wants New Directions to lose at Sectionals after watching that one. I think it�s the uniforms. :P It�s acapella, it�s fantastic, and the entire school loves and supports it. Kurt notices and it couldn�t be more obvious that he wishes he went to school there. I also think he fell in love with Blaine a little bit after that. I certainly wouldn�t blame him.

Kurt sits down with a few members of the group and they tell him what it�s like there. Kurt asks if any of them are gay and Blaine reveals that he is. But it doesn�t matter there. Everyone is accepting and it helps that the school has a zero tolerance policy against bullying. Kurt and Blaine talk one on one about how awful it is to be bullied. Blaine admits he �ran� from his problems to go to this school but Kurt has the opportunity to stand up for himself. It�s really emotional and hits home for me. It�s a powerful scene.

Kurt gets the courage to stand up to the douche who�s been pushing him into his locker three times a day and has it out with him. After trying to scream some sense into him, I�m on the edge of my seat expecting this scene to be powerful and then..a WTF moment. The bully kisses Kurt. What?? Okay. So after staring at the screen for a good 5 minutes, I see they�re going with the self hating bully route. Which is fine I mean, all hate is bad no matter where it comes from. I just thought this one came out of nowhere a bit. I�m so used to people just being so hateful on their own. Either way, I did not see that one coming. He continues to shove Kurt so hard into his locker every day that he probably chips the paint.

What did you guys think of the episode? I thought it was fantastic and the best so far this season. Glee is really back on their game. I feel like they fixed everything that was bugging me. They focused more on the story and less on the performances, which were all fantastic and up a notch by the way.

I think Blaine is an incredible character and I sincerely hope he sticks around for a long time whether he�s Kurt�s love interest of not. Darren Criss was totally awesome.

By Noelle at Rickey

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