Sunday, November 21, 2010

Iya Villania Signs With ABS-CBN Anew

"It feels so good, it�s so nice to know� I�m just so very grateful that ABS-CBN still wants me to stay despite their large pool of such talented artists. It�s just so nice to know that despite that, they can still use din pala an Iya,� Iya Villania revealed during her recent contract signing with ABS-CBN last November 18, just a week after she bid goodbye to fellow co-hosts on ASAP XV.

Iya�s previous contract with the TV network had expired and she supposedly had an offer to sign up with the rival network. �It was bit of a shock, medyo unbelievable kasi I�ve been with the station for six years and I knew it would take a lot of getting used to, but I was open to trying to get new things,� recalled Iya when asked how she felt about the idea of leaving the Kapamilya network. �I always try to be optimistic [and] look at the brighter side of things.�

Iya went on to say that she and boyfriend Drew Arellano, who is with the rival network, got to talking about her possible network switch to the point of discussing possible projects together. �You know the thought of transferring and working on the same network? It got the both of us really excited. It�s been six years since we last worked together under the same network,� she shared.

But this did not happen because Iya was then offered a new ABS-CBN contract. �There was a turn of events. He still thought of it as something that worked to my advantage. If it�s for the better, for me, dun na rin siya masaya. He would want the best for me.�

Iya shared that her contract is valid for three years and means she will retain her current shows: MYX, Us Girls, and ASAP. Aside from that, Iya said that her future projects include a soap opera, a reality show, and a show that will be under news and public affairs.

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